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Teen Patti Yono
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MOD Info Teen Patti
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Update 2022
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New Version 2022

Teen Patti Yono

Yono Teen Patti – Teen Patti Yono Apk Download | Rummy Yono Sign Up 51Rs – If You want to earn Money Siting at home then read this article carefully We give you Some Tips to Get Extra Bonus without Playing Game 2022

Hallo everyone..! How are you all. Hopefully everything will be fine, not wasting too much time and coming straight to work.

Once again, friends have come up with a new game for you which you are going to enjoy playing. I know you have many games that will be making money sitting at home.

You must be thinking that all the same game comes and I have so many games, so do not download it now, so do not think that this game is the most different and different.

Until today, you must have had to work hard in the game that you have played, then you will have got success.

For your pleasure, tell you that in this game you can get success with a little hard work if you believe me, otherwise your will.

The name of this game is yono teen Patti which I am going to tell you about, you just have to read this until our post Last.So let’s talk…..

download yono teen Patti

How do you download yono teen Patti?🤔

You may have had a little faith listening to me about Yono Teen patti and you may be looking to download the game but how to do it ! If your brother is sitting here, you have nothing to worry about.

You will be enjoying in our post, with the hope that I bring you a good game, you go a little time in reading the post, but after that you only praise me that this Banda speaks absolutely right. So let’s go ahead….

Friends, there is no different trick in game download, like every game has to download.

Yono Teen Patti to download you will see the photo in my post download now! You will see what you see in society.

You have to click on that download and your mobile chrome/Browser will open and once again tech on the Download your yono teen Patti Download will be started and in 1-2 minit your yono teen Patti will be downloaded.

After the Download is done, you can install yono teen Patti game in your mobile which will come to you because until today you will have installed many puzzles for the game time pass. Now forward….

How to create your account in yono teen Patti after installing

How to create your account in yono teen Patti after installing 🤷

If you download Yono teen Patti then you also install on my saying, now you have to open your yono teen Patti as soon as you open your account first.

opening an account is not a hard work, what to do is that the game is open automatically yono teen Patti will be open, that too without putting anything like that, but we do not have to use that account.

I will explain to you how to create a new account from your mobile number ! From the Mobile number, because if you delete the game by mistake and want to open your old account again, then you can do it.

To link to Mobile number, you have to read our post till the end.

To create Account from Mobile number, you first open yono teen Patti in the game, you will see your profile in the top corner in the left said that, open it.

Once your profile is open, you will see a blue bounty written below it. Click on it.

There will be 4 options in front of you …

Please enter phone number (you need to enter your mobile number which is present in your mobile Phone)

Please enter password (enter 6 password which is your lucky number)

Please enter the password again.

Verification code (in this you will have OTP written on the side, click on it and a message will come to your mobile phone, it will have a number of 6 digits, put it)

A. after doing all, click on confirm below and your new account in yono teen Patti will be opened.

create your account in yono teen Patti after installing

How to add cash in yono teen Patti 🤷

You have created yono teen Patti download bhi Karli install bhi Karli and create your new account now let’s talk about how to add cash. So let’s talk about him too.

To add cash in Yono teen Patti, in the game you will see the pay shop icon in the bottom corner of the right, then you can add cash from there.

Click Pay shop for Add cash and you will have more options in front of you. You can add cash by selecting the amount you want and you will also benefit in that you will also get bonus according to the offer.

In Yono teen Patti you can add at least 100₹ and maximum 100000₹.

Select the amount you want and click on add cash below then click on next step and all these options will come in front of you

  • Paytm
  • Phonepe
  • Gpay
  • Amazon
  • Mobikwik
  • BHIM
  • Freecharge
  • Other UPI

Whatever you use, click on it and put the details according to you, we also speak KYC. After all this process, your money will be added to yono teen Patti .

add cash in yono teen Patti

How to VIP🤴 offer in yono teen Patti 🤷

You will see the right said VIP vala icon in front of the profile in yono teen Pmatti, you will be desperate to know about the VIP as soon as you see it. So let me not take you too long and tell you about the VIP…

To take advantage of VIP, you have to recharge a little, which will make sense if you open the VIP icon.

VIP Recharge in Yono teen Patti game can be at least 500₹ and recharge at most 1.915 cr.

You will know what it will be like to recharge ! So with recharge, you will continue to get Daily Bonus without playing which you will see in VIP icon. Now forward….

How to refer & earn in yono teen patti

In Yono teen Patti, you will see the refer & earn option repeatedly in 3-4 places which you would like to know.

You will be very happy to know that you can earn a lot of money without adding any money from refer & earn and without playing…..

refer & earn as soon as you open, there will be 3 steps in front of you…

Get refer chip

Get 30% of friends tax amount

How to refer & earn in yono teen patti

Earn Unlimited chip by Yono Teen Patti

Facebook Instagram

  • Step 1: – what to do first in this, copy your reference link from refer & earn and invite your friends through social Media like whatsApp, Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,
  • As soon as your friend registers and KYC, you will get 30₹.
  • If people download from your sent link then you will get its full 3000₹ Ji Ha friends full 3000₹…
  • Step 2: – from yono teen Patti, you will send a link to the winning people, from them you will download the winning and add cash, you will get 30% of its commission.
  • If you add 100₹ add, then you will get 30% of it means 30₹ free,if your friend add 100000₹ then you will get 30000commission.
  • And you can imagine how much you are going to earn. Now go ahead…

How to withdraw in yono teen Patti 🤔

You will have made all the income in yono teen Patti now you have to put all the money in your bank account so how will you put it.Let me teach you…

In Yono teen Patti, you will see the withdrawal icon on the side of the shop.

As soon as you click your total amount will be shown and below you will be given the option of how much you have to withdraw. Then there will be the option to enter the bank details below.

➪This process nothing just what
As soon as you click withdraw you have to

  • ▪️bank account number
  • ▪️user name
  • ▪️bank IFSC code
  • ▪️bank name
  • ▪️Mobile number
  • ▪️Email

After entering all these details, click on the withdrawal and your KYC will be done then in 1-2 days the money will come to your bank account.

all available game in yono teen Patti 👇

  • ▫️Ludo
  • ▫️10 Cards
  • ▫️Variation
  • ▫️Poker
  • ▫️Rummy
  • ▫️Teen patti
  • ▫️Black Jack
  • ▫️Fishing Rush

You can play all the games you like.

all available game in yono teen Patti


You must have enjoyed reading our post, continue to follow our Website for such a game and also tell your friends about it and say that this aaplication is very wonderful and beneficial, then download it and also speak to his friend…..

Thank you!

Note: – this game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive . Please play your responsibility. Only 18+

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