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Teen Patti Power

Teen Patti Power App, Teen Patti Power APK, Download Teen Patti Power Apps – Friends, Teen Patti is a game through which you can earn thousands of rupees comfortably every month while sitting at home. This is why people who are passionate about playing betting card games prefer Teen Patti. So that he can play the game as well as earn in it. Many new apps of Teen Patti continue to be launched in the market every day. In this order, now the new app of Teen Patti Power App has been launched recently. In which you can also earn money with playing games. So let’s tell you about this game in detail.

What is Teen Patti Power App

This is a very awesome app, in which you can earn well with playing games sitting at home. In this app you will get a chance to win cash in many ways. This is why it is called a real cash game. It is also called people betting game, in which you can easily win money with playing card games.

How To Register In “Teen Patti Power” App 

Teen Patti Power APK
Teen Patti Power APK

Friends, you must first create an account in it to enjoy this game. As soon as you create an account in it, you get a bonus of 30 rupees. For this, you must sign up to it through your mobile number. In this process, you will also have to create a password and then verify the mobile number through OTP. After that, your account will be created correctly.

How To Get ₹195 Bonus In Teen Patti Power App

The biggest feature of this app is that you can win a bonus of Rs 195 together in it. For this, you have to login with your mobile number and later you will see a binding option. Where you need to bind your name, mobile number and email. After this you get the total of Rs 20 but later you have to login continuously for 7 days and in this way you can win 195 rupees in total. You will get different amounts every day.

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Power App 

Teen Patti Power APK
Teen Patti Power APK

If you want to earn money through this app, first you have to recharge in it. That means you have to put money in it first. For this, you have to click on the add cache option present in the app. After that, select the amount you want to recharge. Then you make a payment by selecting one of the payment options.

How To Withdrawal In Teen Patti Power App

When you win money in this app, the way to withdraw it is also quite easy. For this, you will see the withdrawal option on the app itself. Which you must click on. All the money you need to withdraw in it, you must fill it here. You will have to add the details of your bank account later. Now you click on the next button, here you have to select the payment option and proceed and in this way the payment will come to your account.

Refer & Earn 

Teen Patti Power APK
Teen Patti Power APK

You can not only earn money by playing games in this app but you can also earn money through referral link in it. For this you have to share the link of this app to your friends and when he will register in the game through this app and recharge in it. So you also get a commission of Rs 20 on registering and then 30 percent on recharging. You can send the link of this app to your friends via WhatsApp or Facebook group.

Andar Bahar Unlimited Earning Tricks

Friends, in this application you have a lot of different options available to earn money. We have seen that there are a lot of users who want to earn money here but they do not know how to play Teen Patti game rummy game, due to which these people are not able to earn money here. So we bring a very cool trick for all you users with the help of which you can earn good income every day here.

In this application you get an inside out game to play the game. First of all, I want to tell you that playing the game Inside Out is very simple, here you have to guess so much that your card will open on the inside or on the outside, if your guess remains accurate then you win the game and in return you get double money. That is, if you put ₹100 here, then you get ₹200 in return.

If you want to earn unlimited money with the help of games inside out, then you first add at least ₹4000 to the account. After that, you sit inside and open the game and you have to first of all disassemble in a simple way so that you want to place your bets on the inside or on the outside, (according to this trick, you have to put your money on the same side here, either you put it on the inside or you put it on the outside, one thing and the money you put here if you lose, you have to double the money until you also win the game )

Let’s say we place our ₹100 bets on the inside. But if we lose this game, we will again put a double of ₹100 to ₹200 inwards. If we lose the game again we will put a double of ₹200 to ₹400 inwards. Overall, the process continues until we win the game here. Here, when you win this game, you will get a profit of ₹100. Because you started this game with ₹100. Similarly, if you start with ₹200, you get the benefit of ₹200.

VIP Bonus

Teen Patti Power APK
Teen Patti Power APK

If you want to earn more money in this app, then for this you can resort to refer and earn. Apart from this, you can also earn through weekly card in it. In this, you have to buy cards for 7 days a week or 30 days. After which you get a bonus of 500 rupees and 7 consecutive days you get 660 rupees through that card. While taking a 30-day card, you will have to take a 3000 card, in which you will get 400 rupees immediately and 120 rupees every day for a month.

Available Game IN Teen Patti Power App

Teen Patti Power APK
Teen Patti Power APK

You get many types of games in this app in which you can earn money by playing games. You get a lot of different 13 types of cards associated with Teen Patti game in this application. Apart from this, you also get the facility to play ludo game here. Here you can play any game according to your skill and win a lot of real prices.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Red Vs Black
  5. Jhandi Munda
  6. Baccarat AB
  7. 7UpDown
  8. TP War
  9. Wingo Lottery
  10. AK47 Teenpatti
  11. Car Roulette
  12. PotBlind
  13. Ludo

How to earn money with Teen Patti power APK?

Friends if you have question in mind how we can earn money with this Teen Patti game application.So all of you users needn’t get upset of any kind. Below we will give you complete information about how to make money with Teen Patti game application. You can earn good income every month in a very simple way from here by following the method we have mentioned.

Play Game and Earn Money : friends, the first way to earn money in this application is that you can earn money by playing online games here.In this application you find lots of different types of card games to play online games. Here you get skill games as well as more cards where you can earn money by playing the game by guessing yourself in a simple way.

Refer and Earn : friends in this application you get referral program to earn money without any tension and without risk. The most important thing about the referral program is that here you can transfer the income you make directly to your bank account immediately. Making money through referral programs does not require you to make any kind of investment here.

You can earn from ₹10000 to ₹15000 every month through the referral program. I myself earn up to ₹10000 every month through referral program in this application. The refer program in this application is a good way to earn money from where you can earn unlimited money.

Customer Support

In this app, if you have any kind of problem or there is some kind of problem in the withdrawal of payment, then you get customer support in it to settle all these problems. In which you can file your complaint and it will also be settled.

Teen Patti Power APK  FAQ’s

Q.1      How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Power APK Apps

Ans –   Sign Up Bonus Total Rs.10

Q.2      What is the Minimum Withdraw of Teen Patti Power APK

Ans –   You can Minimum Withdraw is Rs.100

Q.3      What is the Maximum Deposit of Teen Patti Power APK

Ans –   Inside this app the Maximum Deposit Is Rs.100

Q.4      How much bonus do you get on each Invite in Teen Patti Power APK ?

Ans –   Per Invites –Rs.20

Q.5      How much recharge commission do you get in Teen Patti Power APK ?

Ans –   Recharge Commission 2% To 10%

Q.6      Is Teen Patti Power APK is Safe for Add Money?

Ans      Yes It’s 100% Safe Application “Verified”

Note – Guys this game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, we ask all of you to join our hands and request that you play this game here with great responsibility and patience. Here, a little greed and a little haste can make you lose millions of rupees. If you want to earn money here, then use your mind and earn real cash of millions of rupees.


Friends, we have given you information about Teen Patti Power APK, Teen Patti Power App, Power Teen Patti APK, 3 Patti Power APK, Teen Patti Power Game, through this article. This is a very popular and old Teen Patti game application that you can download to your smartphone and start earning money as soon as it comes. Because thousands of people are still earning real cash through this application.

Friends, we sincerely hope that the information given by us to all of you will prove to be very helpful. If you want to get information related to such Teen Patti games and rummy games, then you must bookmark our website. Because we keep updating the latest information related to Teen Patti game and rummy game for you more than one through our website.

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