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Teen Patti Club
Teen Patti Club – Welcome Friends In This Post You Learn About TeenPatti, Rummy, Casino, Sports Batting All in one App Available is Name is Club Teen Patti, 3 Patti Club, TeenPatti Club, Teen Patti Club Apk So What are your Waite Download and Earn Every Month Up to ₹30,000/-

Hello Friends How Are you all..। Hopefully everything will be going well, but you will be a little disturbed by your work because I know you are tired of working, but you have to work even if you do not want to home.

My friends, now you do not have anything to worry about, your beloved brother has once again come with a new game/aplication whose name is teen patti club by playing this game, you can earn thousands of rupees a day, even sitting at home without hard work.

You must be thinking that Mujhe also has to earn money by playing games like all people because today more than half of the people in our country are earning thousands of rupees a day and millions of rupees a month by playing games like teen patti.

Teen Patti Club Download - Get 20₹ Welcome Bonus

You also have to make your future bright by playing the game, so do not take the tension at all because in this post you are going to teach how to play teen patti club. So let’s learn, but to learn the right way, you have to read our post until last or else you will not come to the traveled society and will lose this golden opportunity to earn money. Now forward…..☟︎︎︎

How to download teen patti club..

You must be feeling like playing teen patti club game by listening to me, but you do not understand how to download this game which is not going to bother you, in your own brother will teach you how to download.

What you have to do first is that in what you are reading our post, you will see a photo in which you will get written DOWNLOAD NOW and I know that you will be getting bored seeing that dude A is absolutely easy. I hope you’re going to be even happier.

You Download now! As soon as you click, then your mobile’s chrome/browser will be open and you have to click on the download again and in 2 minit, teen patti club will be easily downloaded in your mobile.

You have to install Club Teen Patti now which will come to you because I know you are bohat wise. Now you must be wondering how to install it but how to create our account in it. So don’t worry, let me teach you……

How to download teen patti club 🤔 Teen patti club download कैसे करे...🤷

How to create an account in teen patti club

In 3 patti club aplication, it is easy to create your account as soon as you open teen patti club, you will get an idea of how to open, then I only give you a little information so that if there is any trouble, then you will be easy through our post without hesitation.

You will see 2 options
          1.Login from Mobile number
          2.login from play gueat

We have the first option which is to login from the mobile number, we have to select the option which will be easy for us.

What to do in that you have to enter your mobile number and below you will get the option of send otp there click and otp to change your luck in your mobile i.e. to create account in teen patti club, a number of numbers will be sent by the company which you put in your verification code.

After that, you have to enter your favorite password which you put according to your account, then click on the confirm button below and in the second your account will be open.

Once you register in teen patti club, you will get a bonus of ₹20 to play.

This is how your fate became the first stop of the night change, now go ahead

How to create account in teen patti club🤔 Teen patti club में अपना खाता कैसे खोले🤷

How to Add money to teen patti club

The 20₹ bonus that you got is falling short in playing, then you are also given the benefit of add case in teen patti club Application which let’s talk about.

In this game, you will get to see the icon of the shop in the Right said corner if you want to add money, then click on the shop Button.

By clicking on the button with the Shop, you will see many options in front of you, in that you will be offering the company, according to the add case, you will get lucky bonus. The information I give below

Add case bonus total

  • 10₹ 💸 × 0% = 10₹ 💸
  • 50₹ 💸 × 0% = 50₹ 💸
  • 200₹💸 × 0% = 200₹💸
  • 500₹💸 × 0% = 500₹💸
  • 1000₹💸 × 2% = 1020₹💸
  • 3000₹💸 × 2.5% = 3075₹💸
  • 5000₹💸 × 3.0% = 5150₹💸
  • 10000₹💸 × 4.0% = 10400₹💸
  • 30000₹💸 × 4.5% = 31350₹💸
  • 50000₹💸 × 5.0% = 52500₹💸
  • 100000₹💸 × 5.5% = 105500₹💸

The more money you add, the more bonus you get. Click as much as you want to add and click on the add chips below.

Now you will have to do KYC in which you will have to add the details below.


Mobile number:



This 4 details you have to put and your KYC will be done then you have to put your bank details which you will put according to your own and your money will be added in Minit in teen Patti club game.

What is VIP offer in teen Patti club

In Teen Patti club, you will see a VIP icon written in the very side of your profile, seeing which you will be thinking that a kya Hey to AAO mein understand.

What you have to do in this is that if you have more money to add and you want to take more bonus, then there is a very good option for you.

If you recharge in VIP, you will get daily, weekly, monthly bonus without playing.

If you want to add money in Teen Patti club, you can add at least 500₹ and maximum 1.915 cr₹. The more you add, the more bonus you will get.

If you’re from an ordinary home and you don’t have the money to add, don’t get discouraged. Just read our poem Last so that I have a golden opportunity to do every one of you. So let’s talk about how it is played without putting money….

Teen Parri Club VIP bonus

How to refer&earn in teen Patti club

Like I told you how you can play without putting money, then in this topic we will talk about that.

You have to open Teen Patti club game first, in it you will see a refer & earn option on the left said bottom click on there.

You will see step by step in Refer & earn

Get refer chip

Get 30% of friends tax amount

You must be thinking about what all of you now understand directly from Tariq.

Instagram Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube or any social media link and tell them to download this game from your sent link.

Just like downloading and registering from your mobile number, you will get 20₹ bonus per friend . If you download 10 friends, you will be happy to hear that you will get a full 200₹.

In the second step, it is said that if you download the winning friend and add money to it, then you will get the full 30% commission, my brother, if he adds 1000₹, then you will get 30% of it i.e. the whole 300₹ rupee.

Let me tell you an inside thing, this game has just been launched, which can only benefit you, o q that now a lot of people have not downloaded, then you take advantage of the opportunity and share quickly.

You are talking about another thing where you are thinking that I will share everyone today not tomorrow what will be the difference in a day.

If you go to share tomorrow, your friend will say that if you come a little sooner, then work will be done, I just downloaded now, then you will lose the opportunity to change your life in a single day, then do not speak to me.

The sooner you share, the more you will benefit because teen Patti club is failing with the speed of the storm and you will be let, then share quickly. Now go ahead….

How to refer & earn in teen Patti club 🤔 Teen Patti club मे refer&earn क्या हे🤷

How to withdraw money from teen Patti club

In this game, you earn more money in your account and you can put it in your bank account.

The benefits of both BANK and UPI will be given in withdrawing money from Club patti club.

If you want to withdraw money from Teen Patti, then you will see the withdrawal icon in the right said shop in your game. You will be given two UPI options.

If you want to withdraw money from your bank account, you must enter your bank account number.

You can also withdraw money from UPI if you use Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm or anything else. After clicking on withdraw, money will come to your account in 1-2 days.

All available game in teen Patti club

All available game in teen Patti club 🤔

In Teen patti club you will get to play a lot of games like….

  • ▪️ Crash
  • ▪️ Rummy
  • ▪️ Teen Patti
  • ▪️ Tiger dragon
  • ▪️ 7 up down
  • ▪️ Roulette
  • ▪️ Black jack
  • ▪️ Teenpatti 20-20
  • ▪️ 3 card poker
  • ▪️ Ludo
  • ▪️ 10 cards
  • ▪️ Variation
  • ▪️ Andar Bahar
  • ▪️ Car roulette
  • ▪️ Best of five
  • ▪️ Zoo roulette
  • ▪️ Baccarat
  • ▪️ Poker

You will find so many games in teen Patti club, by playing which you are going to change your future if you play wisely by downloading the game from our link…..

Customer Support in teen Patti club game

If you come across any problems while playing the game and do not understand anything from our post, then you can talk directly to the company.

You can learn how to talk to the company. So you have to click the shop option, in that you will have the third option of whatsApp, where you will get the company WhatsApp number of teen Patti club, then you can talk about all your money there with the company.

Customer Support in teen Patti club game 🤔


My friends explained to you about teen Patti game through this post that how can we earn thousands of daily income. So download and play the game from our link now.

I hope that you will not have any trouble in understanding my post if it has come, then forgive me I will try to explain to you more and more than before you have read our post to the end.

Thank you..!

Note: – this game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive . Please play your responsibility. Only 18+

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