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Rummy Pub

Rummy Pub APK Download | Pub Rummy App | Signup Bonus Rs- 100 :- I am also sure that you were eagerly waiting for a brand new Rummy game. Friends, if you have a social media account and you are active on social media account, then these days you must have seen the advertisement of your Rummy Pub APK. Rummy Pub APK is being advertised in almost every social media platform today.

This is a common thing for those who know about Rummy Pub APK, but there are many people who do not know about this application, such people are curious to know about this application. If you also want to know about this application in detail, then now you do not need to go anywhere else because we have brought complete detail information related to this article for you. Magic Rummy Apk

What is The Rummy Pub Game  ?

Rummy Pub APK
Rummy Pub APK

When you see the advertisement of this application, then once in your mind this question must have come that what is Rummy Pub APK? Friends, first of all, let me clear your confusion and let me tell you that this is a Rummy application. Yes friends, even though you may find it a bit strange to hear the name of this application, but in fact it is a Rummy game.

 The features of this Rummy game are slightly different from other Rummy games. In all other Rummy games you get withdrawal of ₹ 100 but in this application you get permission to withdraw minimum ₹ 50.

Many rummy games are provided to you inside this application, on which you can win thousands of rupees by investing a few rupees. If we talk about the bonus available on this application, then you will be happy to know that a bonus of ₹ 100 is given in this application. The size of this application is 43 MB which is very less and there will be no problem of lack of your phone.

How To Download Rummy Pub APK

Many people open Google Play Store to download this application but in the end they get disappointed if they do not get to see Rummy Pub APK inside Google Play Store. Friends, we would like to tell you that till now this application has not been bought by Google Play Store, due to this this application is not available inside Google Play Store.

There is only one way to download this application and that way is Google Chrome browser. Yes friends, you go directly to Google Chrome browser and write Rummy Pub APK there and click on the search button, you will get the download button. After clicking on the download button, Rummy Pub APK will start downloading in your mobile. If you do not want to download this application in the above mentioned way, then by clicking on this link directly you will reach the download button of this application.

How To Register In Rummy Pub App

Rummy Pub APK
Rummy Pub APK

We have told you in the above paragraph that inside this application we get a login bonus of ₹ 100. Some people think that this bonus is available absolutely for free but it is not so. To take this login bonus, first you have to create your account in this application. Only after that you can get this bonus.

  • The method of creating an account is similar to the method of creating an account in all other Rummy applications. You download and open this application.
  • When you open this application, you will not see any other option, only you will see the create account option. Go to.
  • Now after this you have to enter your mobile number in the box which you see. Remember you only enter the mobile number code that mobile number is active and present with you.
  • When you click on Get OTP button, within 60 seconds an OTP will be sent to your number. Enter that OTP on the screen.
  • If the OTP is correct then you will see a successful message on the automatic screen. When you see this message, you will understand that now your account has been created.
  • After about 5 minutes of visiting the account, you will receive another message in which you can see that you have received a welcome bonus of ₹ 100.

Available Game IN Rummy Pub

Rummy Pub APK
Rummy Pub APK

Although we are given more than a dozen rummy games in other Rummy applications, but this is not the case in this application. In this application you are getting to play only 4 rummy games but friends, this 4 game is equal to 40 games because there are so many features inside them that you will never be bored.

  • Rematch Rummy
  • Rematch 2 Persons Rummy
  • 2 Persons Rummy
  • Rummy

How To Add Money In Pub Rummy App ?

Rummy Pub APK
Rummy Pub APK

This question comes in the mind of almost every new user. Even today there are many people who do not know how to add money in Rummy game. You are being given a lot of convenience to add money on this application. Let me tell you that you can add money through any means like net banking, mobile banking or e-wallet application.

  • To start adding money, first open this application in a simple way and go to the option of adding money you see in the home page.
  • By the way, inside this application you can add up to ₹ 50000 at a time but it is not necessary that you have that much money. So enter the amount of money you have.
  • We have told you above that you can add money in different ways. So select the method by which you want to add money.
  • After doing this, now we have to enter our password and click on the confirm button.
  • Now just wait for the verification. Money will be added to this application within about 2 minutes.

How To Withdrawal Money In Rummy Pub Game ?

Rummy Pub APK
Rummy Pub APK

Friends, where you saw the option of add money, you will get to see the option of withdrawing money just below it. If you want, by clicking on this button, you can take the bonus earned on this application directly to your bank account.

  • To do this, first of all, click on the cash withdrawal option and enter the amount you want to take in your bank account.
  • Remember, the minimum withdrawal on this application is ₹ 50, that’s why you enter an amount more than ₹ 50.
  • Now enter the name of the bank account in which you want to take money, the name of the branch, IFSC code and also the account number.
  • Now you will see another page in which you will see some confirm key button. OK on them.
  • You wait for about 1 hour, within 1 hour the amount you have entered will be transferred to your bank account.

Invite Friends And Earn Money in Rummy Pub

Rummy Pub APK
Rummy Pub APK

With this feature you can earn money as per your wish. The more you work, the more money you will get. Here you have to complete a small task and in return this application will give you money.

The task of this application is that you have to promote this application. You share the download link of this application as much as possible in your Facebook WhatsApp Instagram all platforms.

After sharing, you must definitely ask people to download this application. Now the more people download this application, you will get so much money.

Here you will be given money according to ₹ 20 of a person. If a person has downloaded this application in his mobile phone by clicking on the link shared by you, then this application will give you ₹ 20. That is why you must share the link of this application in all your contacts and on all platforms.

Gullak Bonus In Pub Rummy APK

Guys you have been given piggy bank bonus features to get more free commission in this rummy game application. You can earn commission even if you lose the game here with the help of piggy bank bonus features. When you play any game in this application. If you lose the game and the amount of rupees bet in that game. You get 4% commission on that bet. This commission is saved in your piggy bank. When ₹10 is completed in your piggy bank then you can withdraw it.

Daily Bonus In Rummy Pub Game

Friends, in this application, you are given daily bonus by the company. You can claim daily bonus by logging in daily here. The company gives you a bonus of ₹ 1 on the first day you login here. Bonus of ₹ 3 on login on the second day, ₹ 2 on login on the third day, ₹ 2 on login on the fourth day, ₹ 10 on login on the fifth day, ₹ 5 on login on the sixth day and On login on the 7th day you get a bonus of ₹ 20. In this way you get ₹ 43 free bonus for logging into this application for 7 days.

Customer Support in Rummy Pub Game

To get solution to any problem related to this game or to give suggestion, we get to see customer support option. After clicking on this customer care option, you can directly convey your point to the team of this application.

Note – This game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. So all of you are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you have any kind of financial loss in this application then you will be responsible for it yourself. .


So friends, that’s all for today. Today we have told you about Rummy Pub APK in this article. I hope all the confusion you had in your mind related to Rummy Pub APK will be over. Today in this article we have told you what is Rummy Pub APK? How does Rummy Pub APK work? How to create an account in Rummy Pub APK? I hope you have liked this information of ours and you will share it further. Thank you for reading this article with us till the end.

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