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Rummy Nabob

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Rummy Nabob – Friends, are you searching for such a game on Google Play Store again and again, by playing which you can easily earn money and also pass your time. If so, then today we are going to tell a lot of work for you in this post. Actually, through this post, we are going to tell you about one such Rummy game.

Rummy Nabob App Download

Teen Patti Nabob which you can easily earn money by playing. The name of this game is Rummy Nabob App, in this how you have to earn money and how this app works, we are going to give you all this information in this post.

How to download in Rummy nabob🤷

If you want to set your future from now on, I have come up with a very good way for you that if you work 1-2 hours, you can earn from 1000 to 2000 a day.

If you are a Shokhin of teen Patti game, then I tell you about a game by playing which you can create your future the name of this game is rummy nabob.

For complete information on this game, you read and understand this post last. Let’s talk about the game now…..

Rummy Nabob

Step to Download Apk

Step1: if you are going to explain all the information about downloading this game through this post, then stay till the end to understand the correct way.

Step2: to download Rummy nabob, you will see a big one in our post.

Step3: once you Click the chrome/browser of your mobile will be open, then click on download once and your game Rummy nabob will start downloading.

Step4: once downloaded, install rummy nabob on your android mobile.

Step5: now you have to first create your new account in which I explain to you the next topic in the bar, then let’s do the bar….

All available game in Rummy nabob 🤔

All available game in Rummy nabob

In this app you also get many games, by playing which you can easily earn well. These games include games like 7 UP Down, Rummy, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti 20-20, Teen Patti, Fruit Line, Variation, 3 Card Poker, Car Roulette, Dragon Vs Tiger, Bacarrat, Zoo Roulette, Poker, Fishing Rush, 10 Card. 

You are given a chance to play a lot of games in Rummy nabob and you can try your luck.

✳️ Ludo

✳️ 7 up Down

✳️ Rummy

✳️ Andar bahar

✳️ TEENPATTI 20-20

✳️ Teen patti

✳️ Black Jack

✳️ Andar bahar Go

✳️ Fruit line

✳️ Variation

✳️ 3 Card Poker


✳️ Car Roulette

✳️ Dragon 🐉 vs tiger 🐅

✳️ Baccarat

✳️ Zoo Roulette

✳️ Roulette

✳️ Best Of five

✳️ Poker

✳️ Fishing 🎣 Rush

✳️ 10 Cards

यह game से जो आपको सही और अच्छी लगे वो आप खेल सकते हे।

How To Register In Rummy Nabob App 

Friends you must first know how you can register in this app. For this you have nothing to do, just open this app by installing it on your phone and after that click on the option with profile. Here you will have to write your name and after that as soon as you click on bound, here you will be asked for your mobile number and then you will have to create a password, which you will always have to remember. As soon as you verify your number via OTP, your account will be created correctly. After this, you will also get a welcome bonus of 40 rupees.

How to create account in rummy nabob 🤔

You have downloaded and installed the game, but now how to create your new account in rummy nabob ??

Creating an account in Rummy nabob is not a big deal if you open the game first, your game will be open automatically.

You do not have to play in your game which is opened Automatically, first you login the game with your mobile number. Which teaches you how to login…

You will have your profile on the top of Rummy nabob game left said, after which you open, you will see the option to enter the mobile number below which you will understand as soon as you see it.

Click on it and enter your mobile number which is currently available in your mobile, after entering the mobile number, click on the icone with send OTP below, a message will come to your mobile number, you will get your otp.

Put Otp in your rummy nabob your new account will be created and once opened, you will also get a free bonus of 20₹. Now forward….

How To Add Money and Withdrawal In Rummy Nabob App 

How To Add Money and Withdrawal In Rummy Nabob App 

Friends, if you want to earn through this app, you must add cash in it first. For this, you have to click on the pay Shop option in the app and by going here you can pay through UPI ID. You also get a bonus of up to 5 percent if you add cash to the app. However, you have to complete the KYC process to add cash to it. In which you have to give all your detail. 

After you win money in this game, the process of withdrawing it is also quite easy. For this, you have to click on the option with withdrawal that appears in the app. In this case, you have to give the details of your bank account. After saving which you can take money in your bank account. Apart from this, you can also take this payment through UPI ID. You can withdraw money from whatever means you want.

Step to add cash in rummy nabob 🤔

The bonus you got, you are not enjoying playing, you are getting less and you have to play by adding more money and earn more money, so let me teach you how to add money.

You will see the pay shop button at the bottom of the right said in Rummy nabob, there will be many options in front of you.

You have to select the add cash option and click add pay below, you have to do KYC first.

You will get 3 options for KYC


♻️Mobile number


It will have to put 3 details then click on proceed below and you will also have to put your bank account details which you will put according to your own.

After KYC is done, you can add cash from your bank to rummy nabob as many times as you want.

In Rummy nabob you can add at least 11₹ and maximum 100000₹.

Refer & Earn 

You can also earn money through referral in this app. You just have to do a little work in this. You have to click on the Refer and Earn option in the app and after that you can send the link of this app to your friends through WhatsApp or Facebook. When someone downloads the app from this link and registers, you will get 10 rupees. Whereas if someone recharges in his account, then you will get a commission of 30 percent of that amount. You can also withdraw this money.

refer & earn in Rummy nabob

Step to refer & earn in Rummy nabob 🤷

You don’t want to play differently and you want to earn thousands of rupees without playing, then you can get this one trick very handy.

In this offer, you will see the icon of refer & earn in the cone of left said click there.

You will see the option of share below from there, send a link to your friends from the app that you use the social media in your mobile.

Refer & Earn क्या ही की आपको 3 step मे समझाया जाता हे 🤔

Step:-1 get refer

Step:-2 get 30% of friends tax amount

Step:-3 Earn unlimited chip

The first step in this 3 step is that as soon as your friend sins by downloading the game from the link sent by you, you will get 10 ₹ for it.

In the second step, it has been told that if your friend adds cash to rummy nabob, then you will get 30% commisson of it, as if any of your friends add 100 ₹, then you will get 30 ₹ that too absolutely free.

In the third step, it is told that the more friends you download, the more you will get commisson.

Benefits of  VIP Membership

Benefits of  VIP Membership

If you become a VIP member in this, then you will get many benefits. You will get a bonus for logging in every day. Apart from this, you will also get the benefit of weekly bonus. Whereas to claim the monthly bonus, you have to login every month. You can upgrade to the next level to claim the level bonus.

How to Get VIP offer in Rummy nabob 🤔

In Rummy nabob you will see a VIP icon in the right said, in which you have to recharge separately, you cannot play with that money but you get bonus every day.

The more you recharge, the more you will get the bonus which you will understand in the VIP icon.

In Vip recharge, you will get weekly bonus, monthly bonus and level bonus through these 3 types of bonus.

After VIP recharge you will not play you will still get bonus but to get bonus you have to open Rummy nabob game daily.

How to withdraw in Rummy nabob 🤔

You have accumulated a lot of money by working very hard in Rummy nabob, but how to tranfer it in your bank account, then I will teach you in a topic.

In the Right said below, you will get the withdrawal option on the side of the pay shop.

This will tell you the total income of your game, below that you will see the amount option where you add the amount of money you have to put in your bank.

यह आपको withdraw करने के लिए 2 option दिए जाते हे 👇

✔️Bank account


Out of these 2 options, you should choose the one which you like and according to that you put your bank / upl detail according to Rummy nabob game. After that there will be an option to withdraw, click there it will come in your bank account in 24 or 48 hours.

Customer Support

Friends, if you have any kind of problem or any problem in using this app, then you can share your problem through WhatsApp number and it will be resolved as soon as possible. These WhatsApp numbers are- 639686998888, 639617395410.

How connect in Rummy nabob game 🎮

If you do not understand anything from this post of ours and you are facing any problem, then you can also talk to the direct company which I will tell you.

In the game, you will be given the option to talk to the company by clicking on the left-hand side of the setting, where you can talk to the company from there, whatever problem you have.


You must have enjoyed reading our post, continue to follow our website for such a game and also tell your friends about it and say that this application is very wonderful and beneficial, then download it and its friend Speak also…..

Thank you!

Note : – इस गेम में वित्तीय जोखिम शामिल है । इस गेम की लत लग सकती है । कृपया अपनी जिम्मेदारी खेले । Only 18+

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