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Rummy Elite

Rummy Elite – Hello Friends, How Are you all ! I know you’re tired of your work. Rummy Elite but now you have nothing to worry about. Your brother once again brought you a good news that you can earn money sitting at home. You must know that today a lot of people in our country are earning lakhs of rupees sitting at home through application like Teen Patti , Rummy Game. But you must be thinking that a sab not about our bus, so my brother such a kuch nahi hai you too can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home like the rest of the people, but we will not play with that aap, we have brought you application of a rummy Elite name in which you are going to learn how to play. But for this you need our POST ( be read to the end . So let’s start … .☟︎︎

How to Download in Rummy Elite ?

How to download Rummy Elite ?

Now you must be wondering how to download it, but do not worry, I will teach you the lesson just follow the Option given below.

  • Rummy Elite download now! Click on the option
  • ➪ Friends as soon as you Download now! If you click on the Pay button, your mobile Browser or Play Store will be open and downloaded
  • Now you must be wondering how to open our account in Rummy Elite, then she will teach you in this..☟︎︎︎

Download in Rummy Elite

How to Create Rummy Elite App Account

You can download rummy Elite as soon as you open it. As soon as open,you will see 3 icons like Register,login guest, login account

➪ Friends, now what you have to do is click on the first one of these 3 options Register,as soon as you open the Register, you have to enter your mobile number first, then the option of send otp will appear at the bottom of it, click on it and a message will come on your number, in which you will get 5 digits otp, put it.

After that, you have to enter your favorite password which you always remember and then click register below and your account will be open. Now go ahead…☟︎︎

How to add case in Rummy Elite

Now you must be thinking about how to do the add cash in this game, which I am going to tell you right now ! This rummy Elite game is very easy to add money.☟︎︎︎

➪This is not much what to do that as soon as you open the Rummy Elite game, you will see the option of ADD CASE in the bottom corner of the right said in front of you.

Now click on the add case option as soon as you open, many options will come in front of you. Click on what you like. Now in this offer is going on that if you add from 100 to 3000 then you get full 50% discount like if you add 100₹ then you will get full 150₹ Ji Ha friends heard exactly right you will get full 150₹ but an offer you will get from 100 to 3000 only. If you want to add more then you will be able to add up to 50000₹ and at least 100₹ will be added.

When you add the first time, you will have to enter your Bank Details which you put according to yourself. Now go ahead….☟︎︎︎

How to add case in Rummy Elite

How to refer & earn in Rummy Elite

You know, I don’t have the money to add, brother, I can’t play again. But my brother nothing to worry about, I also have a way that you can play without adding money Ji Ha friends absolutely right….

Now you must be happy and thinking that how can you play without adding money, tell me quickly, then my brother came to tell me when your brother will come in handy .

Now we’re not too late to go straight to the topic ! In the left said corner of your rummy Elite, the refer & earn option will appear below, click on it as soon as open, there will be many options which we talk step by step..☟︎︎︎

How to refer & earn in Rummy Elite

Rummy Elite will be the first option in front of you with 4 steps ☟︎︎ ︎

Facebook Instagrammer

Step 1: – what to do first in this, copy your reference link from refer & earn and invite your friends through social Media like whatsapp, Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,

After this, explain to your friends in your style that this Application can earn a lot of money.

Step 2: – Now what will happen next as soon as your friend enters the mobile number and Register, you will get the full 10₹ bonus of 1 friend 10₹ then then you are going to have more than 100 friends 1 of 10₹ then 100 of 100 will get the full 1000₹ Ji Ha My Brother full 1000₹….☟︎︎︎

Step 3: – if you talk further, you will be surprised to hear a talk because if you have referred 100 friends, then one of them is a banda khetla, then among them you will get the full 30% Commission as if he will play by adding 1000₹ separately, then you will get its 300₹ Commission  and where it is known that there will be at least 10 such in the Group of your friends who will be interested in such a game.

Step 4: – like we talked above, if 100 out of 10 people play, then how much income will you have which you will think according to yourself, you would not have dreamed that I will be able to earn so much money. Now forward….☟︎︎︎

How VIP offer in Rummy Elite

VIP bonus can only benefit you, but you have to add a little money in it, it will not be much, only 500 will have to add.

After that, as you add 500₹, you will start sing in bonus,weekly bonus,monthly bonus, level bonus, which you will continue to get according to the bonus offered by the company.

How to withdraw in Rummy Elite

withdraw fetish topic so the easiest o A. So even a small child can will nevertheless you a little information on coloring you so you have no the trouble it….☟︎︎︎

➪ This process nothing just what to do as soon as you click withdraw you will get your

★bank account number
★user name
★bank IFSC code
★bank name
★Mobile number

Add all the details and click on Save and your KYC will be done . Then add the amount you want to withdraw and click on withdraw. Your money will come to the bank account in 24 hours or 48 hours

✔︎ Customer care in Rummy Elite

See friends, I have explained all the process to you very well, in which you will not get any problem, but if you do not get any process, then in rummy Elite game, by contacting below, you will see the icon on there, you will get the help line number of the company and the E-mail ID I’d and by talking in it, you can solve all the problem.

All available game in Rummy Elite

In this game you will get to play many games in which you can try your luck according to your own … ☟︎︎︎

➪ teen patti play now

➪ teen Patti joker

➪ teen Patti AK47

➪ Rummy points

➪ rummy pool

All available game in Rummy Elite

Note : – This game involves financial risk . This game can be addictive . Please play your responsibility. Only 18+

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