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Rummy East

Rummy East – Earn Unlimited | Get ₹41 on Sign Up | Weekly + Progress Bonus – Hello friends!! How are you all!! I hope you will all be great . Friends have come to you once again with a very fun game whose name is Rummy East .

My friends, you can earn a lot of cash sitting at home by playing Rummy East and that too by playing a couple of hours and if you do not understand anything, then see my post until last and earn thousands of hearts very easily.

⭕How to download in Rummy East

  • ❊ You have decided to play the game by listening to me that no matter what happens, I will continue to play the game but you download from the game saying that he does not understand, then come on I tell you the whole thing.
  • ❊ To download Rummy East, you do not have to go anywhere for you, I have kept the game ki link in my post so that you do not have any problems.
  • ❊ To download Rummy East, you will get a big Download Now icon in our Post.
  • Once you Click on your mobile’s chrome / browser, then click on download, Your Game Rummy East will start downloading.
  • After downloading, install Rummy East on your android mobile.
  • Now in the next step, I will explain to you how to open your game’s new account. So come forward now..

⭕How to create account in rummy east🤔

  • ✤ You have downloaded the game and install also now explain to you how to open your account this game.
  • After Rummy East is install, you come to your mobile home screen and open the game ko.
  • ✤ Your game will be automatically open as soon as open, what we have to do is login the game from your mobile number so that you do not have any further trouble like if you delete the game by mistake, then again you can install and open the old account.
  • ✤ To login from Mobile number, after opening the game, you will have your profile on the top which will open.
  • ✤ After opening, you will get written in the most last phone, click on it, you will have to enter your mobile number which you put, then click on it which is written in the said bound.
  • ✤ An OTP will come to your mobile which you enter in rummy east and your game will be logged in from your mobile number and you will get 40₹ bonus of new user. Now forward….

⭕How to add cash in rummy East

You may have heard that such a teen Patti game or rummy game is played by adding your money but you do not know how to do A. So let me teach you….

  • ✾If you have a pay shop button in the corner of the right said in Rummy East game, then that you click, you will have a lot of options in front of you, click what you like right.
  • ✾Here you can add cash from two dates

Bank account


  • ✾ With this two Tariq, you can add cash in your game Rummy East, select what you like right and according to that, you add details which we also call KYC.
  • You can complete all these processes and click on the add chip below, the money will be added to your Rummy East.
  • ✾ This KYC has to be done only once, then add cash as many times as you want in 2 minutes and you can play open. Now forward…..

⭕How to Refer & earn in Rummy East

  • ✱ In Rummy East you can earn thousands of days without playing this refer & earn option is very good.
  • ✱ What happens in Refer & earn is that first you open the game in the left said there will be the option of refer & earn in the bottom corner.
  • ✱ Once Open, you will see the share button at the bottom, click on any social media app in your mobile, it will come out, select the app that you like right and send your link to all your friends.
  • ✱ Tell your friends that this game is giving a lot of money to download quickly because your friend will download rummy East from your link, then you are going to benefit a lot in that which I explain to you.
  • ✱ If you download your friend from the sent link, you will get 10₹ free of a friend if you download 100 friend then you will get 1000₹.
  • ✱ Listen to what you are going to tell you now, your Hoss will fly that you downloaded the friend from the link you sent, then you will get 10₹, but if any of your friends add money to it, then you will get 30% commission and that too without playing.
  • ✱ What are you talking about late, send all your friends as soon as possible and you can earn millions of months without playing. Now forward…

How to Refer & earn in Rummy East

⭕How to Earn Extra Bonus in Rummy East

  • ✪ You will see a share button on the side of refer & earn open it, then you will see what this option tells you.
  • ✪ Below in the Share button you will see the option of Copy link from there to copy your link and send it to your friends which I have explained in the above topic, but you will get different money here.
  • ✪ If 1 friend download from your link and play then you will get 80₹, if 2 friend download then you will get 90₹, if 3 friend download then you will get full 100₹.
  • ✪ This one money you are going to get separately like I told you that in this one game, from getting money at the place right now, do not delay and start quickly. Now forward….


  • ♻ Each valid sub-player will return you rs.80-rs.100 as bonus।
  • ♻ If the sub-players recharges up to rs.1000 and above,it becomes valid player.
  • ♻ Share through WhatsApp, facebook and other social media.
  • ♻ You will earn bonus continuously on Refer & Earn Page.

⭕How to withdraw in Rummy East

You made a lot of income by working very hard, but now if you want to put that money in your bank account, then how will they do?

  • ✫ You earned a lot of money, but how to get it out, then this method is very easy O you will learn in 2 minutes and will make you happy.
  • ✫ First what you have to do is to get the withdrawal option in the side of the Pay shop there click when we had done add cash then we had done KYC then now there is no need to do this if the rest is there, then you go to the topic of Add cash in my POST and see.
  • ✫ once you open the withdrawal icone, you will be shown all your rummy wealth income, then put the amount of income you have to withdraw and below you will have to put the bank account details which will come to you without me teaching you, then do it according to yourself.
  • After all this is done, click on withdraw and money will come to your bank account in 1 or 2 days. Now forward….

All available games🎮 in Rummy East 🤔

  • In Rummy East such a con con C game Hey can open the lock of your luck only if come see it….
  • ♦7Up Down
  • ♦Rummy
  • ♦Andar Bahar
  • ♦Teen patti 20-20
  • ♦Roulette
  • ♦Zoo Roulette
  • ♦Variation
  • ♦Fruit line
  • ♦Fishing Rush
  • ♦3 Card Poker
  • ♦Car Roulette
  • ♦Dragon vs tiger
  • ♦Baccarat
  • ♦Teen Patti
  • ♦10 Cards
  • ♦Black Jack
  • ♦Best Of Five
  • ♦Ludo
  • ♦Poker

All this game you can try your luck by playing what you like best.

All available games🎮 in Rummy East

⭕How to Contact in Rummy East🤔

If you find something right or wrong according to our post, you will also get the option of help line in the side of the setting in the game, from there you can talk with the company.


My friends explained to you about Rummy East game through this post that how can we earn thousands of daily income. So download and play the game from our link now.

I hope that you will not have any trouble in understanding my post if it has come, then forgive me I will try to explain to you more and more than before you have read our post to the end.

Thank you..!

Note: – this game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive . Please play your responsibility. Only 18+

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