Teen Patti 555 Get ₹48 Bonus | High Refer Commission | Rummy 555 Apk Download

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Teen Patti 555

About the Teen Patti 555 App !

Hello friends!! I hope you all will be great. I have come to you with a new game that you can earn thousands of rupees a day by playing.

This game has made a splash because money is getting money all over the place, so what are you talking about too late, come and quickly download the game from our post and you also earned a lot of money for the game 1-2 hours a day.

Sorry friends, I forgot to tell you the name of the game in the words, so I tell you the name of the game in the right way a little late. The name of this game is teen Patti 555 who is going to earn thousands of rupiah every day of the game. Now, do not waste too much time talking directly about work.

Teen Patti 555 Get ₹48 Bonus | High Refer Commission | Rummy 555 Apk Download

How to download teen patti 555🤔🤷 

  • Download Teen patti 555 now! Click on the icon that appears.
  • As soon as you click the chrome/browser of your mobile will be open and once again you have to click on Download and Teen patti 555 download will start.
  • After you Download, install it in your mobile which will be good for you.
  • Now you will think that I have downloaded/installed so now how to open your new account. So let’s go ahead with that….

How To create Account in Teen Patti 555 / How To Create Account in Teen Patti 555 Apk ?

  • After Teen patti 555 install is done, you will open it, first you have to create your account.
  • First you open Teen patti 555 as if you will open your game will be automatically open from the play guest .
  • After opening, the first thing we have to do is to register from your mobile number, Why do you need to open again, then you can open without any problems.
  • Now how do you reiterate mobile number, then in Teen patti 555, your profile will be seen in the top corner of Left said.
  • Your profile will be open in front of you and below you will see an icon with phone number bound there you click.
  • The mobile number of Teen patti 555 will be registered. Where you will get to see 4 options first….

Mobile number


Again password

Verification code

  • In this four option, you have to enter your mobile number which is present in your mobile, why the otp will come for the game register next to that number.
  • Now below you can enter your favorite password which is the lucky number of your life.
  • Now below you will see the OTP option written there click and 6 digit verification code will come in your mobile and your teen Patti 555 account will be opened. Now forward…..

How to create account in Teen patti 555

How to add Teen Patti 555 in cash | how to add money in 3 Patti 555 app ?

  • Download Your Teen Patti 555 and install and create your new account now talk about how to add cache. So let’s talk about him too.
  • To add cash to Teen Patti 555, the pay Shop icon will appear in the corner below your right in the game so you can add cash.
  • For add cash, click Pay shop to do your time spoke only Justice option will come . You can select whatever amount you want add cash and it will also be your money.
  • In Teen Patti 555 you can add at least Rs 50 and Jaya more than Rs 100,000.
  • Select the amount you want Click Pay add money then click pay next step and your time it will be 2 coming

The bank


  • Click on whatever you use and details from your Hasab Dal diye this we also spoke KYC. After all this pros will be add money to your teen patti 555.

How to make VIP offers in Teen Patti 555

You will see the VIP icon with the correct stated VIP profile in Teen Patti 555. You are not going to be late, and you are going to be in the VIP room…

To take advantage of the VIP, you have to recharge a little, which will open your VIP icon in sum.

VIP recharge in Teen Patti 555 game can recharge at least 500 and justice to justice 1.915 crore.

You will think about what it will be like to recharge ! So from the recharge you will get daily bonus that you will get to see you in VIP icon.Now forward….

How to watch & earn in Teen Patti 555 / how to make Refer & Earn karke money in Teen Patti 555 ?

TeenPatti 555 में रेफर एंड अर्न करके पैसे कैसे कमाए

In Teen Patti 555 you will also get the option to reference and earn, which is a very threatening and wonderful option in this game.

See and earn you will not have to add any cash and you will not have to play any game just you will get money. But in this you will have to work a little harder.

You don’t have to be judged, you have to win.Let me explain to you what will happen…

Look for Teen Patti 555 in the bottom corner of your profile and see the earn icon and click Do below you will see the share option.

Click on share as soon as you click on your reference link will be copied, you will also see all your friends from all the social media apps on your mobile.

Download Jeeta bhi Teen Patti 555 from your bhi link as soon as you get a friend 10 further if he links to his mobile number.

People who downloaded Teen Patti 555 from your link also won from those people add cash their Got Your 30% commission O you will not have anything add your friend cash then you will get 30% of no matter.

All you have to do is win Jaya Ho directly from his Jaya logo you link and his Bole Ki download Teen Patti 555 from this link and play.This you will have unlimited income without playing.

How to remove in Teen Patti 555

You made an income by working hard, but now you have to put money in your bank account, so how do you put it, I explain to you….

Add cash with Teen Patti 555 Mapper see the withdrawal icon in the BARU click on it click on it only add your cash Time which KYC will be done then you do not have to pay here further then you can see the topic on Add Cash.

When KYC is done, you are given 2 options in the withdrawal amount, UPI and bank click on what you think is right and right to withdraw your won amount, it was given and click on withdrawal, money will come to your bank account in 24 or 48 hours.

All available games Teen Patti 555 / Teen Patti 555 app got to play kitane games?

Teen Patti 555 App में कितने गेम्स खेलने को मिलते हैं?

❌ Dragon🐉 vs tiger🐅

❌ Zoo🐯 Roulette

❌ Baccarat

❌ Teen Patti

❌ Ludo

❌ Roulette

❌ Andar bahar

❌ Teenpatti 20-20

❌ Fruit line

❌ Fishing Rush

❌ Car🚗 Roulette

❌ 7up Down

❌ Black Jack

❌ Rummy


❌ 10 Cards

❌ Variation

❌ Best Of Five

❌ Poker

❌ 3 Card Poker

By playing this game you can enjoy everything.

Teen Patti 555 App – FAQ’s

Q.1 : 

How much is the sign-up Bonus in the Teen Patti 555 App ?

Ans.  Sign-up bonus in Rummy 555 APK 41.

Q.2 : 

How much are the minimum withdrawals in Teen Patti 555 App ?

Ans.  Rummy 555 Apk has a minimum withdrawal of ₹200 ?

Q.3 : 

When was the Teen Patti 555 App launched ?

Ans.  Rummy 555 Apk Launch 2020 ?

Q.4 : 

What is the maximum withdrawal in Rummy 555 App ?

Ans.  There are no maximum withdrawal limits.

Q.5 : 

Can we use Multiple Account inside this application ?

Ans.  No, all accounts can be closed by the company if more accounts are used, so you have to be in control.


My friends explained to you about Rummy East game through this post that how can we earn thousands of daily income. So download and play the game from our link now.

I hope that you will not have any trouble in understanding my post if it has come, then forgive me I will try to explain to you more and more than before you have read our post to the end.

Thank you..!

Note: – this game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive . Please play your responsibility. Only 18+

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