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Rummy Royally
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MOD Info Rummy
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Update 2022
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Rummy Royally

Royally Rummy – Get the exclusive link of the APP, download and log in to bind the mobile phone card, and enjoy 5 INR immediately. Just share your link to your friends to download and top up 1000 INR, you can get 100 INR with no limit. You can earn unlimited tax commission INR daily at home and withdraw directly to your personal account. Join the official Telegram Prediction Program channel to get free surprise bonus envelopes every day. Click to download the earning APP,  To understand this game, you have to look at our post until Last and you will have to understand carefully or else you will not understand anything.

Now let me tell you the name of the game!! The name of this game is royally rummy . Now let us know all about the game.

How to Download in RoyallyRummy ? How to download Royally Rummy ?

Now you must be wondering how to download it, but do not worry, I will teach you the lesson just follow the Option given below.

  • Royally rummy download now! Click on the option
  • Friends as soon as you Download now! If you click on the Pay button, your mobile Browser or Play Store will be open and downloaded
  • Now you must be thinking that how to open our account in royally Rummy, then she will teach you in this..

🤔How to create account in Royally Rummy??🤷

  • You may be getting bored to play rummy, but you will not have to wait long, just you see our post last, the sooner you finish the post, the sooner you will be able to play the game.
  • To play Royally rummy, you have to create your own account first.
  • To create a new account in Royally Rummy,you will need your mobile number which you will have. After Royally Rummy is installed, open it.
  • Once you open Royally rummy, the automatic game will be open but we will not keep that account, we will link you mobile number.
  • To link to Mobile number, open the game, you will see your profile in the latest said, which you will understand. Let him open..
  • In Royally Rummy, your profile will also see the phone icon written below in the side, you will have to enter your mobile number, then click on it.
  • A message will come to your mobile in which you will get a number of 6 digits written in it, you put your game Royally Rummy and your new account will be opened. Now forward…

🤔How to add cash in RoyallyRummy apk

  • The bonus you got in this game is not fun to play and you are also given the option to add more cash.Now let’s see how to add cash to royally rummy
  • In the Game you will get the button of the Shop in the bottom corner in the Right said, click there, you will see different options in front of you, select the option of add cash which you like right and click on Add cash below and add more money and play the game well
  • You will also get extra bonus on different add cash. Now forward….

🤔How to VIP offer in Royally rummy 🤷

  • You will see the right said VIP vala icon in front of the profile in royally rummy, you will be desperate to know about the VIP as soon as you see it. So let me not take you too long and tell you about the VIP…
  • To take advantage of VIP, you have to recharge a little, which will make sense if you open the VIP icon.
  • In Royally Rummy, VIP Recharge can be at least 500₹ and recharge at most 1.915 cr.
  • You will know what it will be like to recharge ! So with recharge, you will continue to get Daily Bonus without playing which you will see in VIP icon. Now forward….

🤔How to refer&earn in Royally Rummy

Friends you are thinking Won brother of my then add money to not O then if in into the game can not! But my brother nothing to worry about, I also have a way that you can play without adding money Ji Ha friends absolutely right…।

  • Now you must be happy and thinking that how can you play without adding money, tell me quickly, then my brother came to tell you when your brother will come in handy .
  • We’re not too late to go straight to the topic ! In the corner of your Royally rummy’s left said, the option of refer &earn will appear below, click on it as soon as open will come many options which we talk step by step..☟︎︎︎
  • You will have the first option in front of you which will have 4 steps ☟︎︎ ︎

Facebook Instagrammer –

  • Step 1: – what to do first in this, copy your reference link from refer & earn and invite your friends through social Media like whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, you have the winning social media
  • After this, explain to your friends in your style that this application can earn a lot of money.
  • Step 2: – Now what will happen next as soon as your friend enters the mobile number and Register, you will get the full 10₹ bonus of 1 friend 10₹ then then you are going to have more than 100 friends 1 of 10₹ then 100 of 100 will get the full 1000₹ Ji Ha My Brother full 1000₹….
  • Step 3: – if you talk further, you will be surprised to hear a talk because if you have referred 100 friends, then one of them is a banda khetla, then among them you will get the full 30% Commission as if he will play by adding 1000₹ separately, then you will get its 300₹ Commission and where it is known that there will be at least 10 such in the Group of your friends who will be interested in such a game.
  • Step 4: – like we talked above, if 100 out of 10 people play, then how much income will you have which you will think according to yourself, you would not have dreamed that I will be able to earn so much money. Now forward….

🤔How to withdraw in Royally Rummy

  • In the side of the Shop, you will get the exit button, click on it, all the income will be in front of you, enter the amount of money you have to withdraw and tush at the bottom.
  • You can exit UPI and BANK ACCOUNT here in two ways.After all this, money will come to your bank account in 1 or 2 days.

All available game in Royally Rummy

All available game in Royally Rummy

You get to play many games in this royally rummy, whatever your favorite game you play and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Game 👇

  • 🔅Dragon vs tiger
  • 🔆Car Roulette
  • 🔅Andar bahar
  • 🔆Sports
  • 🔅Teenpatti 20-20
  • 🔆LUDO
  • 🔅Variation
  • 🔆Baccarat
  • 🔅Best Of Five
  • 🔆3 Card poker
  • 🔅Fruit line
  • 🔆7 up Down
  • 🔅Zoo Roulette
  • 🔆CRASH
  • 🔅Roulette
  • 🔆Teen Patti
  • 🔅Rummy
  • 🔆Poker
  • 🔅10 Cards
  • 🔆Black Jack
  • 🔅Fishing Rush

🤔How to connect in Royally Rummy 🤷

  • You will not have any problems while keeping our post, but if you have any questions in your mind, then you can talk to the company directly.
  • To talk with the Company, you should click on the option that is right said exactly in the corner in the game, your whatsApp will be open directly and you can talk to the company through whatsApp.


My friends explained to you about Rummy East game through this post that how can we earn thousands of daily income. So download and play the game from our link now.

I hope that you will not have any trouble in understanding my post if it has come, then forgive me I will try to explain to you more and more than before you have read our post to the end.

Thank you..!

Note: – this game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive . Please play your responsibility. Only 18+

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